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Pain Relief Ice Gloves

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Wearable hand ice packs for transformational cold therapy.


  • Relieve pain in the hands, fingers and wrists caused by arthritis, hand injuries, inflammation, chemotherapy, neuropathy, carpal tunnel and Raynaud's Syndrome.
  • Filled with 3x more gel than our competitors – our relief gloves stay colder or hotter for longer to provide a more effective natural pain solution.
  • Adjustable elastic straps allow for easy tightening to target specific pain points while ice packs are tucked between soft fabric for comfortable long-term wear.
  • Provides full coverage of the hands for comprehensive temperature therapy – designed for use by all ages.


Every Halos therapy product comes with a sealable antibacterial storage pouch for easy portability, ideal for protecting your go-to relief remedy while out and about.


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