Face Eraze by Otago: Reusable makeup removal kit

Face Eraze by Otago: Reusable makeup removal kit

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In this pack
Each pack includes three fibre Face Eraze makeup remover pads, two Face Eraze eye cloths, one headband and a wash bag.

Gentle on your skin
You don’t need to scrub your face or use any makeup remover solution to remove your makeup. Simply wet your Face Eraze products with warm water and gently wipe.

Microfibre Technology
Our fibre technology gently lifts makeup from deep within your pores, Face Eraze removes all types of cosmetics including waterproof mascara.

Environmentally friendly
Face Eraze is an alternative to single use make-up wipes. This is important because they are one of the largest contributors to single use waste with 7.6 billion pounds being thrown away each year.

Save money
Each pad will last approximately 250 washes saving the cost of both cleanser and make up wipes. Once you notice the fibres wearing down we recommend you replace them.

Caring for your Face Eraze products
To clean simply rub pads/cloth together using warm water and soap. We recommend washing in the washing machine once a week in the wash bag provided. We don’t recommend putting them in a dryer.